Long Term Objectives

★ Increase Mental Health Literacy – the following are the key findings of the Canadian
Alliance on Mental Illness and Mental Health (CAMIMH)

★ Have a toolbox of resources so that individuals can find a variety of tools that fit their
cultural and individual needs. This would contain tools from as many wellness
categories as possible including but not limit to
○ Physical – Nutrition, Food Security, Physical Safety, Housing, Dental Issues
○ Emotional
○ Intellectual
○ Environmental
○ Financial
○ Occupational
○ Social/Cultural
○ Spiritual
○ Digital/Online

★ Have the toolbox available where people access healthcare and social support,
including but not limited to:
○ Primary care physicians
○ Places of worship
○ Community Centres
○ Food Security Programs
○ Substance abuse services
○ Penal system

★ Have the toolbox available online and completely anonymous