Our journey is unique for each of us.   We evolve through our life and have reached this moment; it is from here we approach the endless possibilities that makes up the future. 

Spending time in the forests where I grew up, horseback riding, fishing,  my favorite memories are of my friends and I exploring.   There is light and beauty, darkness and mystery, and a constant cycle of  joy and sorrow in nature.   It has mysteries that beg me to search for answers.

Our journey through life has the same qualities.  In every life there are bright beautiful times, dark places that scare us,  hope,  joy, grief, pain, this world leaves none of us untouched.   

For some the path is clear, for some the endlessness of choice makes it almost impossible to move.  Some have been injured, some have had all the support the world can offer.   We are alone in our uniqueness,  yet this loneliness unites us all. 

Our journeys have obstacles; but this is a beautiful place and the air has a magical quality.  Every choice we make on this path leads us in a different direction.  We learn to make our choices with love and wisdom, and create a vision to guide our experience.