Spryfield Community Mental Health Resource Page

NS Health Authority – Mental Health & Addictions  offers support to individuals using both wellness and preventative programs and in addictions programs that aid in ongoing recovery from alcohol, substance, nicotine and gambling.

Services: Physical and mental wellness programs, Mental health and addictions programming and counseling.

Eligibility – Wellness programs open to anyone of any age.

Chebucto Family Centre – Offers advice, encouragement, referrals, and emotional support.

Services: Information, Individual support, Home visits, Phone contact, Community resources.

Eligibility – open to all.                 

Connect the Dots brought by Youth Project – The Youth Project runs a Connect the Dots program once a month at the Captain William Spry Public Library. The program supports the LGBTQIA youth with a social atmosphere and activities.

Services: Support group, Referrals, Resource library, Social activities.

Eligibility – Youth ages 18 years and younger.

Caregivers Nova Scotia  – Offers financial compensation to the caregiver (family/friend) of a person who is physically or mentally ill.

Services: Ongoing care from family/friend, $400/month to caregiver.

Eligibility – Person 19+ who has a physical or mental health condition, is chronically ill, frail or elderly. They will need to participate in an assessment process. The caregiver is a family member or friend already caring for the person.

Caregivers Nova Scotia offers a confidential, friendly atmosphere for caregivers to discuss their experiences and receive helpful information in a supportive environment.  They can also access to non-judgmental telephone and email support to family and friend caregivers.

Services: Support Group, Support via telephone & email.

Eligibility – Caregivers who support a family member or friend who has a physical or mental health condition, chronic illness, or who is frail or elderly.

Community Health Teams  The Chebucto Community Health Team (CHT) provides services and programs to people living in the following areas: Spryfield, Fairview, Clayton Park, Herring Cove, Armdale, Sambro Loop, the Pennants, Purcell’s Cove, Tantallon, Hubbards, St Margaret’s Bay, Beechville, Lakeside, Timerlea, Prospect, Hatchet Lake, and Hubley.

Services: The CHTs offer wellness programs in the areas of Mental Wellness,  Nutrition, Physical Activity, Parenting, Reducing Health Risks. The CHT’s also offer Wellness Navigation  services. Wellness Navigators are health professionals who meet 1:1 with community members to provide support prioritizing wellness needs, and connecting people with resources.

Eligibility – Wellness programs open to anyone of any age.

Crowell’s Guardian Drug Store in Spryfield offers the Bloom Program offers a service that aims to improve the health and wellbeing of people living with mental illness and addictions. Patients registered with the program can expect in depth, patient centred medication therapy management, with a focus on mental and physical health problems as well as medication related issues.

Services: Medication therapy management, Enhanced clinical and

support services from pharmacists for 6 months.

Eligibility – selected patients with mental illness and/or addictions taking psychotropic medications.

The Mental Health Mobile Crisis Team is a partnered crisis support service of Capital Health, IWK, Halifax Regional Police and NS Dept of Health. The crisis team includes mental health professionals and dedicated police officers who offer confidential, non-judgmental crisis support. 

Services: 24/7 phone line, Home visits, Referrals.

Eligibility – children, youth and adults experiencing a mental health crisis.

Direction 180 is a mobile methadone treatment bus that visits Herring Cove Rd. daily.  This is a harm reduction program that aims to improve the mental and physical well-being of people using opioids.

Services: Provides safe methadone injections, Counseling, Advocacy, Medical monitoring.

Eligibility – people aged 18+ who are using opioids can self-refer to use this program.  The bus stops daily at 205 Herring Cove Rd. Halifax, NS.

Mobile Outreach Street – Health offers nursing services and medical health services from their MOSH van. The van often goes to locations based on referrals from other organizations or sometimes MLA offices.  Does not often travel within Sambro Loop however does go out to Spryfield.

Services: Medical Health Care Services, Harm reduction Supplies.

Eligibility – based on need.  People who have trouble accessing health care, particularly the homeless population. People who are living in less than appropriate housing.

Chebucto Connections is a community-focused NGO that provides programs and support for youth, new Canadians, seniors and all Spryfield residents.

Services: ECHO Hub – partnership made up of social, health, legal, child, youth, adult, senior and family organizations offering navigation and access to a diversity of services (ie. form filling, financial literacy, mental health service navigation, housing assistance, etc).

Pathways – youth education programs focusing on academic support, leadership, financial support and advocacy.

Eligibility – ECHO Hub open to public, Pathways open to high school students.

St. Paul’s Family Resource Institute offers a number of ongoing programs, aimed at helping build healthier communities for our children, families, friends and neighbours.

Services: Food bank, Free weekly community meal – “Soup’s On” Community garden, Assistance navigating community services.

Eligibility – Open to all