Osberg Health Community Space

Stephanie-Lynn (Steph) Osberg C.C.P.

Stephanie-Lynn Osberg is an adventurer at heart.  Their passion for inclusion and empowerment fuels Steph who resides in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada with her best friend and partner Thorin and her two cats Smudge and Nudge.  Most of their career has been as a coach, a caregiver and entrepreneur in the healthcare field.  They now use their project management and creative technical skills to create initiatives with community partners including free community classes, a local market providing stigma free food dollar program, as well as other projects that focus on creating choices for personal and community resilience. 

Stephanie is a WRAP Co-Facilitator and a member of the public advisory group on Mental Health and Addictions for the Central region of Nova Scotia, Canada.  Steph works with all levels of local mental health to support respectful inclusion for neural atypical people.  Steph is a three year board member of Healthy Minds Around the Loop, serving local mental health needs, and currently sits as chair.  They serve on numerous boards and committees dedicated to empowering social justice, along with safer inclusive spaces for people in her local and digital community.

Stephanie is a graduate of the Management Development for Women Program offered through Saint Mary’s University and Mount Saint Vincent University.  Steph has primarily learned through diverse experience, being taught by people wiser than themselves; fueled by a vast love of people and lifelong learning.