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Osberg Health

Stephanie-Lynn Osberg C.C.P.

Stephanie is centered in the principles of mental wellness which comprises authenticity, physical health,  life balance, ecology, and community.  She believes that people need mental health tool boxes that include mindfulness, meditation, and inner work.  We also need to learn how to play and have fun.  By participating in art, creating places of acceptance and belonging, developing realistic social cultural perspectives, engaging with the environment, and building community.

Steph works with her clients to identify their passions and motivations.  Clients identify and overcome obstacles by adapting the skills and resources they have.  Together achieve your desired outcomes with acceptance, humour, understanding, and authenticity.

Ms. Osberg is a board member of The Healthy Minds Around the Loop Association, as well as the Barefoot Farmers Association. An artistic director and volunteer coordinator for various community projects, along with her friends and community partners Osberg Health and Wellness Initiatives are making a difference, creating meaningful programs and support for vulnerable communities in Nova Scotia.

She a caregiver, an entrepreneur, coach and proud of being a part of an actively growing community striving for dignified, respectful mental health access for all.