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Providing creative homecare services & resources for seniors & persons with disabilities.

We must constantly deal with change, it is the reality for each of us.  Facing changes in our bodies and our minds is a unique experience for all of us.  It can be well supported, with many loving people and resources, it can also be confusing and lonely, it can be both at the same time.  Regardless if we are struggling to take care of ourselves or others,  a health care crisis can be an incredibly stressful event.   Critical adaptations may be necessary, and support is not always available.

Each of us will require adaptations unique to our circumstance, and getting started is overwhelming.  I offer support to individuals who need help and have no idea where to turn.  Together we can creatively problem solve issues and create realistic expectations.

If you are here because you want help and don’t know where to start.  Send me an email and tell me what is going on, as much or as little information as you like.  I will send you anything I have that might help, no charge, no obligation.  Most people who need mental health can not afford it, this is not therapy, it is a series of tools and tips that work for various symptoms.

I am working to have everything up and linked to the site, but it takes time.  Until then fire me off those emails.

Here are some of the issues I can help find solutions for:

Assistance with personal care:

Sponge Bath, Tub Bath/Shower, Hair & Skin Care, Mouth Care, Nail Care, Toileting, Assistance with feeding, dressing and mobility

Assistance with all activities of daily living: 

Cleaning, laundry, nutritious meal preparation, shopping, banking, transportation.


Respite Care – Relief to caregiver, companionship, escort to appointments

Stephanie-Lynn Osberg C.C.P.

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