TikToker who SOBBED over $100,000 couch reveals it was a PRANK

DWQA QuestionsCategory: QuestionsTikToker who SOBBED over $100,000 couch reveals it was a PRANK
Edmundo Saldana asked 7 days ago

Other users slammed the influencer for attempting to fool her followers to gain money, sympathy and attention According to data from In a YouTube video, only fans Quenlin further explained that she ‘wasn’t passionate about working’ before noting she should get what she ‘wants’ before begging viewers for money In a series of videos in the last week, the influencer, from California, only fans explained in between sobs that she entered her card details as a ‘joke’, but was then charged for the furniture Quenlin, only fans who usually posts lifestyle vlogs, has 7.9 million followers and frequently attends high-profile events such as Revolve festivals or goes to parties with other A-list celebs, who she claims are her best friends.