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Barefoot Farmers Association Food Crate Program – How a simple gift impacts Nova Scotia

“Everybody is growing; everybody is eating.” K. Spearing BFA President, when asked her vision of the Barefoot Farmers Association.

There is a new gift for Nova Scotians to give each other this year.  A gift that makes a large impact for a modest price. As maritimers we have an innate need to give.  We want to see our communities thrive and we are willing to put the work into making that happen. There is now a way that the stocking stuffers you buy this year could help do some of that work for you?  

The Ecology Action Centre created The Community Food Leader Certificate Program and collected leaders from all walks of life to cook up ideas and projects to improve food security in Nova Scotia.  Theaim of this program is to network and support  organizations as we start or grow our own food initiatives. We took some time to mix our specialities, we added our resources, and created this gift idea just for you (and all the very difficult people to buy for on our lists.)  

We have a vision of everyone eating locally grown, culturally nurturing food.  BFA Food Crates find loving, and appreciative homes at Nova Scotia Family Centres and Shelters.  We work with a number of caring organizations who ensure that the food reaches as many people as possible.

We have a vision of everyone growing food.  BFA Food Crates provide a way for you to buy directly from small backyard farmers.  You to buy directly from your neighbour. Paying a fair price, supports growing food and the economy in our local communities.

There are a numbers of ways to support The Barefoot Farmers Association and our initiatives.  You can become a friend of the association and help us develop this and other programs. We accept donations of seeds and transplants, used tools, soil, everything that can help a garden grow.  


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