Life & Wellness Coaching

Wellness is the active pursuit of whole life balance, perspective and growth.  Choosing to strengthen this area of your life will help you live with intent and purpose.  Developing these tools will enable you to take advantage of the right opportunities, while learning how to spot common and uncommon wrong ones.  Each of us will experience wellness uniquely as individuals and uniquely through time.    The goal of coaching from this perspective is to reach our goals, while we learn balance all aspects of our life from fitness to finance.

I use a partnership model wherein you are considered to be the expert on your life, the one who decides what is worth doing, while I provide expertise in supporting successful change. Life & Wellness coaching focuses on achieving any goals important to you.

I emphasize honouring values and making principle-based decisions, creating a clear plan of action, and using current strengths to reach future goals. I  provide accountability and perspective to help you stay on track.  Let us have fun while you enhance your life.