Finding peace and love in anger

I don’t have a choice but to be angry.  I have tried to quell, shove down, just flat-out deny feelings of rage and disappointment for as long as I can remember.  I was raised by angry people who believe our strength and protection comes from the armour of anger that we wear. I build my …
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Our journey with mental health and wellness is unique for each of us.   We evolve through our life and have reached this moment; it is from here we approach the endless possibilities that makes up the future.  Spending time in the forests where I grew up, horseback riding, fishing,  my favorite memories are of my …
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Building Our Scaffolding

We have relied on billions of people over time to create the technology and compile the information for us to be in this place and this time.   The tools that we have to sculpt our lives and share our experiences are profoundly powerful. Still, we need the support of people and institutions as scaffolding, …
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