Campfires – A Modern Spin on A Human Tradition

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OH&WG along with Healthy Minds Around the Loop and our community partners are working to build healthy minds, bodies and increase resilience in our community. Communities are built by sharing so we have found some things to share: gathering space, refreshments, information on low cost and no cost community resources. We are offering guided mindfulness practices along with supporting monthly community chosen activities, workshops, along with ideas generated as we go.

There is no doubt that mental health and issues surrounding mental illness have moved from a conversation had behind closed doors, to one that has gained a global voice and community awareness. Research and technology that allow us to understand the underlying physical and social contributions of mental illness and resilience have helped to remove some of the stigma from individuals.

We are trying to move from conversation to action. We are not offering solutions, merely the hope that if we create space, community may grow and together we can create wellness.

Healthy Minds Around the Loop Association is offering Campfires; a place to drop in and grab a coffee or tea, find out about free low cost and no cost wellness programs in Spryfield and surrounding areas, try out meditation, and participate in monthly workshops and events. We will be holding our campfires beginning in September at Chebucto Connections.

We will be holding events over the summer that promote community building and mental health, we are doing so in order to promote our program and engage people in our community. If you or your organization are interested in participating we have a number of ways you can do so:

by providing information or offering to speak about free and low cost resources that you provide

by providing snacks, or water and drinks;

by giving gift certificates related to your business;

by supporting your staff to volunteer;

by contributing a cash donation; or

By attending our events and bringing friends and family along with you.

We do hope you will find a way to help us in supporting resilience, positive mental health outcomes, and community building. Together we can make a difference!

Healthy Minds Around the Loop Association

Fostering people-centred, accessible, and inclusive mental health services

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