Dark Places

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We have all been here.  Some of us drop in briefly, there are others who linger here like shadows.   We journey here and back throughout our lives.  Ours stays, chaotic in their nature of time and comfort.  The darkness is endlessly terrifying, but there is a safety in the consistency of the solitude.   Pain may be our nemesis in this place, but it is also our companion.  We dance together, hoping it will end, but afraid to let go and have nothing.

Our dark places allow us to lay down the messiness of life that we carry above our heads.  To drop all disguises.  No faking.  The weight of our pain separating us from the sometimes painful colour of our world.  We hate it here, but our hell is safe.  We believe you, when you describe the beauty of releasing the pain, we just do not know if we would exist without it.  Without the violent emotions that we are hiding from, would we ever feel again?

Power comes from the realization that we have been carrying our mountains that are creating the darkness.    We do the work to dig out, we no longer have to carry it with us as we move on.  I will also suggest going back to nurture and love the piles we left behind, let them turn into beautiful cairns to honour our journey.  If we are feeling weak we can look back at all we are capable of carrying and know that we are strong beyond measure.

Author: Osberg Health