Building Our Scaffolding

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We have relied on billions of people over time to create the technology and compile the information for us to be in this place and this time.  

The tools that we have to sculpt our lives and share our experiences are profoundly powerful. Still, we need the support of people and institutions as scaffolding, to build breathtaking works of life.  

We are interlaced, our future depends on supporting each other.

Support is being accepted for who you are, by people who believe that you are the most qualified person to make decisions about your life.  

Support does not create change, it can only allow room for it.

We need those people.

We need to be those people.

We must understand that we are our foundation for everything. We can not find ourselves in others’ eyes or in far away places.  

We must accept ourselves as and where we are.

Author: Osberg Health