Current Event Anxiety “How do I fix all the problems of the world?”

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Current events are waves crashing on the shore.  They are not being born, they are finishing their journey.   Waves are born long before they hit the shore. They also do not remain with the chaos that they brought.  They come, they make their changes, and then they vanish into the vast ocean to bring life to the next one.

While  working with a client this week about anxiety around current events,  I have tried to come up with an analogy that is uncomplicated. This has proven difficult since the issues surrounding us are incredibly complicated.  Very few of us limit media, including social, and news, leaving us consuming unfiltered amounts of global suffering. Every moment and event happening in the world today is its own little whitecap.  Creating, as it crashes, its own beautiful or not so beautiful chaos.

The things that are going on around us at this very moment are the results of all of the ripples in time.  The results of all the events through time interacting with each other, constantly creating breakers, cascades of new beginnings.   Hurtling through the universe, on a rock that can wipe us all out with one big burp we, at sometime, realize how small and fragile we are.  How we feel about this information will be complicated and different for each of us. Some of us will despair for our lack of control, some of us will feel relief for our lack of ownership.  We may choose to endeavor to find what we are responsible for, we may proclaim the futility of it all. How we choose to feel, to act, to react, to all that is outside of your control, greatly determines how we experience the chaos of the universe.  

I have chosen to try, as much as a person can, to enjoy the waves. Sometimes it is a lot easier than others, thankfully I have a tribe who lets me be myself.   We may not agree with each other in all things, but we believe in each other, offer support in both attempting new things in the world, and providing a safe place to land when things are rough.  We need it all to have a full and rich life.

This is your journey, your ship, you are the captain of your life, set your course and ride your waves.

Author: Osberg Health